Arvind University

As part of our ongoing commitment to building capability, we are investing in the Arvind University. Our University supports people through its focused leaning programs to build excellence in the areas of Retail, Functional Knowledge and Leadership. It also offers Managers to enroll for coaching and learn to mentor their teams. Through various learning programs, it trains almost 2000 new and existing employees and associates every year in Retail and certifies them so that the consumer experiences 'wow' which in turn helps in building long lasting and loyal relationship with the consumers.

Our University is especially important to our corporate staff and managers supporting them in the delivery of their day-to-day roles and the fine tuning their work related skills be it leveraging the vast power of MS Excel or bettering their interpersonal relationships with people in multiple function across company.

This year we will have a dedicated space for Arvind University to run its learning programs at our head office with some advanced facilities. We will also be rolling out e-learning modules to make it easy and self-paced for our new associates in Retail to learn and get inducted into Arvind.